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Looking at Polder casino for the first time, you may wonder what a cow has to do with an online casino right? Well if you are you obviously haven’t been to the stunning Netherlands. Here cows, sheep and other animals can be seen roaming freely in the “polders” that are almost all over the country. But more about that later on, firstly getting acquainted with what Polder casino stands for is a must. This best NetEnt casino is based primarily on the Dutch market similar to the other excellent Dutch casino Klaver Casino. This gives the Dutch players the confidence to play safe in the knowledge that this casino truly gets the Dutch ways.

So where did this best NetEnt casino get its name from? A polder is sort of a paddock, but in the Netherlands this is extra special since land was so scarce a lot of the country is built over the water making the land very fertile. So although these polders have absolutely nothing in common with the act of playing at this casino, the name holds a special meaning for the proud Dutch people. Polder casino has so much to offer the avid gaming enthusiasts; from high quality games supplied by NetEnt, a superb live casino experience all the way from Portomaso casino over in Malta to a whole range of bonuses and offers to keep the customers coming back to see what is new time after time.

Polder Casino’s sign up bonus

Most of the casinos listed on the best NetEnt casinos site have a great sign up bonus for each and every player to benefit from. But Polder has something unique about the sign up bonus on offer here. While most casinos offer a straight amount such as €50, €100 or €150 Polder has something else up its sleeve. The 100% sign up bonus that this NetEnt casino is putting out there is up to the amount of €198.60! This amount surely has players scratching their head as to why such an odd amount. Well, if you have any idea why you think they chose this amount they urge you to get on the chat where there is always a friendly customer care agent eagerly waiting to help. When you’re there tell them the reason you think they made this choice at such a great NetEnt casino. If you guess correctly I am sure your interest will not go unrewarded.

Service at home – A polder first!

Polder casino is for sure the entrepreneur of online casinos! This is a first for any of the best NetEnt casinos to do, but Polder have gone ahead and upped the ante for the rest to follow suite. This casino now offers an at home service for players who need help with anything Polder casino related! Basically any problem you have whether it is making an account or you just need more information about the casino and the NetEnt games that Polder offers, just give them a call or drop them a line and someone will visit you at home. This is a great initiative to help perspective players get started at a great NetEnt casino like Polder. The Dutch people are well known to like to be updated and to be knowledgeable about whatever it is they are doing.

Another benefit of this at home service is to update your computer or laptop. People of all ages love the thrill that comes with the best NetEnt casinos, but some of these more mature players perhaps are not sure how to download the latest flash player which is required to play the latest slots in the best quality possible. It had to be the almighty Dutch, the most innovative nation in Europe, to come up with such a great idea to come to the rescue of those who need to play these great casino games! I wonder if the representative shows up like a true Netherlander – on a bike!

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