Mega Fortune

Mega FortuneThis slot is arguably the most played game ever released by NetEnt, Mega Fortune. This is the game that everyone wants to be playing in order to be in with a chance at becoming a self-made millionaire by doing something they enjoy doing. Only the best NetEnt casinos supply this game due to the high pay out amounts that the jackpot prize makes possible. Mega Fortune with all its luxurious imagery and playboy lifestyle theme makes sure that this game never loses its position as one of the top jackpot slots offered by Net Entertainment.

From the first spin on Mega Fortune, the player is transported into a world of riches and luxury that come with the millionaire lifestyle that this NetEnt game promises. It oozes sophistication and over the top glamour and status. NetEnt have created a fantasy world that could become a reality thanks to the progressive pooled jackpots that are on offer from this slot. The symbols used in this game are items that are an everyday occurrence in the lives of the rich and famous. From the champagne bottles that adorn the reels to the super expensive brandy glasses and cigars. These are the perks of the playboy lifestyle that awaits you when you play Mega Fortune.

Of course, there will be boats and cars too that come along with the package, if you are the lucky winner at any of the NetEnt casinos listed on this site. The world will be your oyster when you play this game, but Mega Fortune is not just about winning the main jackpot prize. There are a number of alternative but equally as fun features presented with this game. One thing is for sure though, all of the offerings that come with NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot are guaranteed to make you rich.

Mega Fortune’s 3 jackpot prizes

In true Mega Fortune style, everything is bigger and better in this game so having more than one jackpot is expected here. This game that is available at all the best NetEnt casinos does everything in excess including give its players the chance to win in so many ways. The Mega Fortune game, not to be confused with Mega Joker which is a classic slot game in comparison to this high energy high profit video slot. Let’s start by explaining the 3 types of jackpot prizes that can be won at Mega Fortune:

• Mega jackpot – this is the one that every player aspires to win. This is the reason players flock to the Mega Fortune slot at every NetEnt casino. The jackpot prize is a pooled progressive jackpot, so that means that the prize pot grows every time a player spins the reels of this game at any NetEnt casino. This could mean thousands of players worldwide are adding to this exclusive jackpot prize.

• Major jackpot – this is not quite as lucrative as the mega jackpot, but it does give you a chance to win a substantial amount of cash whilst you are waiting to hit the big time. This is a local progressive jackpot. This means that although the pot is still growing with every spin from yourself or other players it is restricted to just the one NetEnt casino that you have chosen to play at.

• Minor jackpot – the minor jackpot in Mega Fortune is basically just the normal run of the mill spinning wheel. This is still a local progressive jackpot but it fills up at a much slower pace. Of course any win is better than no win and it just makes the game so much more fun having triple chances to win.

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