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Karl Casino is just what the Swedish casino lovers needed, the most royal online casino available just for them. This best NetEnt casino is aimed predominantly at the Swedish casino market, and therefore caters for their every whim. The idea behind the casino came from the royal family of Sweden and the reigning monarch King Karl XVI Gustaf. The casino pays homage to the beauty and traditional side of this amazing country. The Swedish are well known for their scenic views, beautiful people and love of online casinos. Therefore a NetEnt casino that ticks all these boxes seems rather fitting. Karl Casino has a number of promotions and bonuses for its privileged players to benefit from, similar to the Norwegian casino, Norske Automater.

From arriving on the landing page of Karl Casino you come face to face with the King’s crown and the palace. This just shows how patriotic this casino and the people of Sweden are to country and King. This best NetEnt casino really understands the Swedish culture and adapts the casino to fit in with their way of life and way of thinking. Of course the colours of this casino are bright blue and bright yellow just like the proud Swedish flag. By using the colours that stand for Sweden as a country, the casino feels homely to any Swede who logs on or signs up. There are picturesque images of the snow covered towns that are all over Sweden for half of the year. Even the famous moose crossing signs got a nod from the casino creators.

Since this casino has been made for the Swedish people, all deposits and withdrawals are made in Swedish Krona. So you can keep track of your spendings and winnings without have to search the net to figure out what the rate is from Krona to euro and vice versa. There are not many NetEnt casinos that offer this service, so that is another reason why Karl Casino stands out from the crowd. Playing here is a great way to have a great time whilst staying out of the freezing temperatures.

Is Karl Casino safe?

Karl Casino has all the licenses and certificates needed to operate a 100% safe and secure casino for the Swedish nation. The gaming license that the casino owns is the LGA license and is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is the best license available in Europe, and is extremely strict with the permits and operations of each and every NetEnt casino that bears its logo. Once you see the LGA logo at the bottom of the page, you know you are in good hands. Kind Karl would be proud of you for playing at such a responsible casino, well done. The casino also promotes responsible gaming, you can read more about that on their responsible gaming page on the website. Here you will find all sorts of helpful information on this subject.

What games does Karl Casino offer?

At Karl Casino you can play any of the Net Entertainment games. There is a huge assortment of games from slots to table games to video poker. This casino truly does cover every aspect of the casino. There are over 50 video slots plus classic slots and jackpot slots to play on. There are over 40 table games to choose from, all using flash player. The games are for low rollers, high rollers or players who like to be somewhere in the middle. Not to mention the video poker section which can raise the adrenaline whilst letting you show off you poker skills. Karl Casino also has scratch tickets to play. These are quite cheap tickets that reveal prize winnings beneath the covered areas. These are very easy to play and require no skill and no thought process to them. Just scratch and win.

For those real life casino lovers who prefer to stay home out of the snow and cold weather can also benefit from playing the live casino games at Karl Casino. These games are dealt by live dealers and can be a very social way to spend an evening at home. The games available are roulette, blackjack and Punto Banco. This gives endless hours of fun and good fortune so, forget the Winter blues and sign up to Karl Casino for some royal fun!

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