Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000If you want to play a slot game that is back to basics in the design then head to your nearest NetEnt casino and start playing Jackpot 6000. This is a real old school kind of game, which is a classic bandit style slot. This game is based on a Norwegian bandit called Jackpot 2000. The beauty of this game is that although at first glance it is a simple easy to play slot, there are some unique parts of the slot that make this game one of the highest earning games found in a NetEnt casino.

The game symbols are similar to the symbols found in the first ever slot machines. So in this game you will find you fruit symbols and of course the bar symbol among others. Playing Jackpot 6000 in normal mode is straight forward and so simple everyone can play it. However don’t be fooled into thinking that this game isn’t full of hidden gems to be discovered. The simplicity of this slot can be compared to Starburst, but the excitement is unrivalled.

Jackpot 6000 Supermeter

This is the highlight of this slot without a shadow of a doubt. Making your way into the supermeter mode is very simple, all you need is a little bit of luck on your side. Once you get a winning line, you have a couple of choices: the first is that you can choose to collect your winnings as they are; the second is to choose to take another gamble with your winnings. This is a basic heads or tails game that gives you chance to double your winnings at one of the best NetEnt casinos; the third option is of course the Supermeter game.

When you choose to play Jackpot 6000 using the Supermeter, you must press the spin button again. Then all your winnings are added to the supermeter bar on the very top of the slot machine. This is automatically doubled and remains up there for the next amount of spins. For every spin after that, coins will either be added or deducted from your total amount. If any of the following spins are winners, then the total amount will be doubled every time. This is where the possibilities for big winnings become endless if your get lucky playing Jackpot 6000 at one of the best NetEnt casinos.

Also during the Jackpot 6000 supermeter mode, if you spin the reels and get 2 of the joker symbols then you get a chance to win the hidden prize. This is always a different amount which is unknown as it is hidden in the joker’s treasure chest. The title of this slot is also quite interesting, as it is pretty much explain the game. For example obviously jackpot stands for the jackpot prizes you win when playing in supermeter mode at any NetEnt casino. The 6000 is how many coins you can win when you get the 3 highest paying symbols in any of the 10 bet lines available. The highest paying symbols in Jackpot 6000 slot is of course the joker, since there are no wilds or free spins in this exciting NetEnt game.

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