Jack Hammer Touch™

Jack Hammer Touch™Jack Hammer was and is a favourite with all the best NetEnt casino players all over the world. So it is only fitting that Jack Hammer Touch™ would be one of the first releases from NetEnt software providers. The game boasts a great story line about the detective Jack Hammer and his mission to save the city and all its inhabitants. The story has not been lost when turned into a mobile game, the theme and cartoon like features are all still firmly in place. The enjoyment of this game never stops not matter where you choose to play it – home based computer or mobile device.

Being able to take this famous NetEnt video slot everywhere with you is a great pastime for all casino lovers. This is a fast paced slot unlike the Roulette Touch™ that is also available at the best NetEnt casinos around. The game comes with all the sticky wins you need just like the original game. There are multiple game options, for the mobile players to enjoy the best possible game in the way you want to play it.

Jack Hammer Touch™ game options

The game options for Jack Hammer Touch™ can be found in the top right hand corner of your tablet or smartphone. You can click on the options to get the full menu. The first option you are shown is the betting values. Here at any of the best NetEnt casinos you can choose the bet level and the coin value. In Jack Hammer Touch™ there are 10 bet levels to play on and 7 different coin values to choose from. By changing these values you can alter the total bet you place per spin. The maximum bet that Jack Hammer Touch™ offers is €250 while the minimum bet is a mere 25 cents. The next option is the spins settings. Here you can choose the quick spin button; this will basically make the reels spin faster so you can get more spins in for your battery life. The next option is the famous auto-play, this is offered on every single NetEnt casino game. If you opt for the auto-play then you can choose the number of spins you want to play automatically. You can even choose the option to stop when the free spins have been won.

The third option in the game options of this Touch™ game is a simple one, game sounds on or off. This is your call, but if you are playing in the office, a word of advice would be to keep them off! The next option on the top menu is the Pay table. This is the usual pay table that will tell you the amount each symbol is worth. And also what special features Jack Hammer Touch™ has. By keeping all the trusted features, NetEnt casinos have made it easier to make the move to mobile games. In the settings you can also find all the game rules, which will help you to better understand the game if you are new comer to the famous Jack Hammer slot. A great feature available is also the game history, so you can see what kind of streak you have had in the past days. Then you can monitor your gambling easier.

Playing Jack Hammer on mobile has made sure that this much loved and well known slot will keep on being one of the best NetEnt games around. As more and more players move the mobile games instead of online casino games, this will be beneficial for all involved as Jack Hammer is one of Net Entertainment’s finest pieces of work to date.

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