BlackjackPlaying blackjack at one of the best NetEnt casinos is a great way to win some decent hands in the comfort of your own home, where you can play by your own rules at whatever time you want. Blackjack is a game that has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular table games. The game overview is pretty simple – make up 21 before the dealer does. However once you get playing it at a NetEnt casino you will realise that the game requires a certain amount of skill or else a whole lot of luck!

Types of blackjack available in NetEnt casinos

There are a few types of blackjack you can play at a these casinos, as are there a number of roulette games you can play if you feel like. This game is really a game of skill, there are rules that can be followed, these rules can be followed or not when playing from home at one of the best NetEnt casinos. This is a whole lot more comfortable be as when you are in a real life casino if you do not play by the rules other players can get a little agitated, trust me I am speaking from experience here! Let’s have a look at what the NetEnt blackjack games have to offer:

• Blackjack Pro – This casino blackjack game is played with 4 packs of playing cards. It has the option to play as a low roller, standard roller or high roller depending on your limit. The game has some higher pay outs for hands that contain a jack in it. This is great game of blackjack to play at a fantastic NetEnt casino.
• Double Exposure Blackjack – This is the card game but with a twist, this is a NetEnt take on a classic Las Vegas game that combines the original blackjack game with an exciting and fun bit of exposure. Double exposure blackjack sees the dealer having both the cards in their hands turned face upwards for all to see. The players can then make their decision with this information in mind.
• Single Deck Blackjack – Single deck blackjack is pretty self-explanatory by its name. The game is played at a NetEnt casino using just one deck of 52 playing cards. Without a doubt the most stripped back and simple game of blackjack you can find at any of the best casinos. This is the game to play when you just want to enjoy the game with no frills added.

Blackjack rules of play

Playing this game at a NetEnt casino is a fun filled experience. Learning the rules is key to making the most of your sitting at any of the blackjack tables. There are books and websites as well as TV programmes dedicated to teaching players the ins and outs of the blackjack rules. Players of this table game, love the game as it is possible to always leave the table with more money than you started. The trick to this is to follow the rules to the letter. The game has a number of strategies that are firmly in place that have been tested by numerous professional players all around the world. These strategies can be followed online as well at any of the best NetEnt casinos, just choose the one you think will work for you and go with it.
Some handy terms to know when logging into a NetEnt casino to play the flash blackjack games are listed below:

• Hit – the term used when another card is requested
• Stand – the word used by the player when another card is not needed
• Double down – when a player would like to increase his/her bet by up to 100%
• Split – when the first two cards dealt to the player are of the same value, the player can choose to split them into two separate hands
• Insurance – when the dealer has an ace card, the player can choose to take insurance out. This gives them some money back if the dealer hits a netent casino.

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