BaccaratAnother of the most popular table games that the best NetEnt casinos have to share with the players is the exciting game of Baccarat. The aim of the game is simple, but playing it is just so much fun that there is no wonder that people are coming back more and more to play this fun game of guessing which is the correct outcome at the NetEnt baccarat game. This game is gaining players rapidly and might soon be on par with NetEnt’s blackjack table game. This game is as addictive as they come, because you just can’t stop guessing which hand is going to be the one you need to get a huge reward.

NetEnt currently only offers 1 Baccarat game, but there is a Punto Banco game that has a similar way of playing it. The rules of Baccarat are so easy to follow that it is a game that you can spend hours playing and really having fun. Playing this table game requires no skill, although some players do try to find a strategy to the randomness of the cards dealt. In NetEnt casinos you will be given the option to choose what kind of player you want to be, whether it is a high roller, standard or a low roller. This totally depends on your mood and bank balance of course. The house edge is quite high so you want to start off on a low or standard bet to avoid a short sitting at the table.

Low, Standard or high roller?

What is the difference between a low roller, a high roller and a standard bet? And no, this question is not the start to some bad joke! A high roller is basically a player who places higher bets for every hand dealt on the Baccarat table. In the best NetEnt casinos the coin options for high bets are €10, €50 or €100. The maximum bet you can place in any one hand is €1000. The minimum is €10. You place the amount you want to bet on either Tie, Banker or Player. This is the decision you have made on who is going to win the next hand. The standard roller has a choice of lower coin values, with a maximum bet per hand in Baccarat of €10 and a low of €1. Although the odds of winning or losing are the same, this lowers the amount of losses that can occur with this game. A low roller can bet even less in a NetEnt casino, with a maximum bet amount of €1 and a minimum of 10c. So the choices are there, what type of bet will you choose?

How to play Baccarat and pay-outs!

Since the game is purely based on luck, there is no set strategy in place, although Baccarat enthusiasts always have some sort of strategy that they claim works for them. The game is played at the best NetEnt casinos where the player first places a bet in favour of the banker, the player or a tie. Once the bet is placed the dealer will reveal the first card which is the player’s card. Then a card for themselves and so on until the goal is reached. The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach close to the value of 9 with the cards dealt. All face cards and 10’s count as a zero. So if the first card dealt is in favour of the player in Baccarat at a NetEnt casino is a Queen then that counts as zero. Then if the next card is a 5 and the third card is a 4 that will give the total value of 9. The dealer can no longer beat the player, there can however be a tie. That would happen in the event that the dealer drew cards that add up to 9 as well.

The pay-out on Baccarat is quite steep, and are usually in favour of the casino in this game. If the player has placed a bet on the player to win, then the pay-out is 2 to 1. So for a €100 bet the player would win an additional €100. If the player had placed the Baccarat bet in favour of the dealer, they would still get paid out 2 to 1 but with a 5% fee going to the casino. This is unfortunate for the player but this is redeemed in the next pay out. So if whilst playing at a NetEnt casino you bet on the hand being a tie, which is the most unlikely of the 3 options; however if you have placed the bet correctly you will be paid out 9 to 1! This means for the same €100 bet you will receive €900 back!

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